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The world's oldest coffee goes global again

A story which begins centuries ago

Based in Dubai and Boston, USA, Sabcomeed have grand ambitions to shift the value of the current food chain system. And it all starts with coffee.

90% of the world’s coffee today, can be genetically traced back to Yemen. Yet, the countries which spring to mind when coffee is mentioned, tend to be located in the continents of Africa, South America and Europe.

Reviving the 16th Century coffee growing traditions of Sufi scholars, Sabcomeed wants to change not only history, but the way the world now perceives Yemeni coffee, the people who grow it – and the Yemeni population itself. Given that Donald Trump’s administration has banned all Muslims, including Yemenis from entering the USA,  we’re hoping the launch film Jump Agency created with Sabcomeed and partners, will help to change those perceptions, too.

A story of craft - and understanding

The film, created with Sabcomeed and Yemen-based Comra Films, tells the story of how, in the 16th Century, all the world’s coffee, courtesy of the skill of the Yemeni farmers, poured out through the busy Port of Mokha – the ancient place we get the name for today’s Mocha option on menus, around the globe. With a guest VO appearance in the script from the US President, the film pulls no punches in highlighting how it was not only easier to cross borders from Yemen in those days, but also how we should accept people as readily as we do the things they create.

Purchase with a purpose

As consumers, we are living in an era of increasing awareness of where and how our products are sourced and created – and our work with Sabcomeed aims to bring those ideals into full focus.

With its growing community of Yemeni coffee farmers, Sabcomeed is committed to improving the quality of life for all stakeholders, including the pursuit of sustainable development in the country as a whole. And bridging the gap between supply and demand through emphasising the direct impact associated with conscious consumerism is just one part of their story.

So as well as announcing the world’s most exceptional coffee, using the highest quality Yemeni Mocha green beans, part of Sabcomeed’s brief to Jump was to, “…make consumers think  about where their coffee comes from and think about their choices as individuals.”

Creating a film with real brand purpose was the focus for the team at Jump.

Given the recent history of Yemen–the attacks, the sanctions, block travel bans and negative portrayal in many parts of Western Media–Jump Agency is proud to be helping to change those perceptions and promote the exportation, not just of coffee, but peace, too.

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