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New proposition launch

Setting Asda Loans apart

Jump Agency was tasked with launching a completely new loans proposition for Asda, working with their partner, Freedom Finance.

In the market

With a rate to suit everyone, our first port of call was to investigate how Asda could best target people when they knew they would be in the market for a personal loan?


Targeting the right audiences

We knew there the reasons why people borrow money are many and varied, so Mosaic was used to identify 2 core target audiences:

  • ambitious borrowers, who had a clear need and planned to spend the money on a new car, wedding, holiday or major home improvement project. These purchases were planned and researched before the customer went to look for a loan provider 
  • struggling borrowers, a very different demographic who needed the money to consolidate debt or to pay for an unexpected expense like car or home repair

Building on existing equity

Working with the client and their media agency, both audiences were targeted using search trends, behavioural targeting and digital media channels. Jump's strategy was to leverage the Asda brand to show customers that they could get a great low rate, from a name they knew and trusted.


What we did

To reinforce our creative strategy of leveraging the equity in the existing groceries brand, we used three simple devices: the Asda shopping basket, the shopping trolley and the till divider.

Jump created, built and delivered display and retargeting advertising, segmented with 5 messaging variants across multiple sizes, on external sites and Asda Group sites.

Asda Loans site on iPad

Jump also created three 30″ DRTV adverts, a number of radio ads and three 6” bumper adverts to target different audiences on YouTube.

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