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Asda Cashback Credit Card

Giving it looks - and personality

After helping Asda Money to launch their previous credit card, Jump had a pretty good handle on the market, the customers and what pushed their buttons. But, with a brand new credit card in town, there was a whole new look to create, along with a proposition that not only oozed personality but also engaged old and new customers alike.

Focussing on what customers want

The previous credit card paid cashback to the customer by simply taking the amount off their statement. The new Asda Cashback Credit however, paid cashback in vouchers which could be spent – a refreshing step forward from reduced balances or points. Therefore, after designing both card options, Jump set about creating a new proposition to be developed into our creative positioning.

Mobile with Asda Money email
Mobile with Asda Money email

Turn bathtime bubbles into a fizzier Christmas

Using the insight that more customers wanted to feel the benefits of cashback immediately, we created the concept of turning your shopping into extra goodies. So by turning a hot new dress into ice pops or fish fingers into a new pair of gloves, a new launch campaign for the card was born.

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