Introducing a new financial infrastructure

Yemen is a country with more than its unfair share of tragedy. Which is why Jump feel honoured and privileged to have worked on a project which aims to make a positive impact on all Yemenis for future generations.


Developing a nation's new financial proposition

Yemen’s National Switch interbank network – the way people, banks and companies use and transfer money – allowed people to withdraw cash from other banks’ ATMs, but not much more than that.

After acquiring a majority interest in Yemen Financial Services Company (YFSC), owned by 11 banks, Murooj set up the WeNet brand, aimed at creating a payment transformation to ease the country’s current economic turmoil. Jump Agency were approached by Middle East technology specialists, Murooj to develop its proposition and communicate its objectives, brand values and vision to both a corporate and consumer market.

As well as developing a new proposition and tone of voice, Jump Agency worked on a film in collaboration with Frantic.

The film sets out to highlight how Murooj will trigger the creation of Yemen’s National Mobile Wallet Company (NMWC). And more importantly, this will integrate the YFS, banks, the private sector, telecoms, and government institutions – as well as a National eWallet, enabling people to use their mobile phones to pay for goods, leveraging over 100,000 direct retail and distributors’ network to build a robust gateway for digital payments.

This, in turn, will oil the wheels of commerce at all levels and here at Jump, we’re delighted to be the financial services marketing agency to help implement the difference this will make to people’s lives in Yemen.

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