Pantone Blink of an Eye

Using colour to open minds

... and close the gender pay gap

Could you really convince organisations to close their gender pay gap through the use of colour? At Jump, we think you can.

Setting the tone for change

Pantone has announced a new Colour of the Year since 2000. But what if we gave that new colour extra significance? By changing Pantone’s Colour of the Year overnight from ultra-violet to Pantone Blink, an equal mix of 50% blue and 50% pink, Pantone takes the initiative in the fight to erase the gender pay gap.

Highlighting pressing issues

With Jump’s campaign, Blink of an Eye, Pantone gives licence, literally, to let other brands make the extremely simple decision of creating equal pay for women – and then showing others the way.

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A win, win for all?

Brands sign up to closing pay gaps within their own organisations and are then licensed to use Pantone Blink in their own online logos for a year. This creates brand disruption and awareness but also makes a visible statement of intent for other employers, worldwide.

As an integrated marketing agency, Jump is naturally delighted to have been nominated for Best Stunt or Experience in this year’s Chip Shop Awards. You can check out the Pantone site mock-up here.

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